Chupacabra Creature – “Goat Sucker” Project

This is one of the projects I made in a very cool creature design course instructed by Bryan Wynia.

Now, the Chupacabra creature design was an interesting project. When starting researching on the creature and trying to find reference I came across a lot of information. The Chupacapra also known as “goat sucker” seems to be a creature feeding of the blood of its victims. It’s habitat situated in north america. Even real life sightings were reported. When reading about all this and trying to develop an original idea for the start of my concept, I tried to research for some animals that would match its dangerous, venomous, and cold killer nature reported in the reference.

I found a combination of rats and snakes very compelling. That’s why the design incorporates  a lot of their features. I wanted it to be vile, brutal and aggressively looking. I hope I could convey these elements in my design.