Awesome, awesome, awesome…

This was the first time I used Octane Render on a model. Octane is a fast GPU based rendering software which makes it very easy to quickly apply materials and lighting setups and get instant rendering results. So when I tried it on this mech concept bust I was very much surprised about the results. Note the SSS effects and the resulting Caustics where the light photons beam through the translucent material. The metal came out super realistically and the chest parts look rock solid and very hard. Exactly what you want to get with a mech robo, right?

The bust itself is based on a Mantis. I just the Mantis head as reference and did some kit-bashing for the connecting body parts. I am satisfied with the results and the overall readability of the shapes. The HDRI lighting set-up gave the right environmental feel. Now its time to think about moving on with this design.

Mantis Robo Bust
Article Name
Mantis Robo Bust
Octane render of a mech concept bust based on a Mantis head.

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