Sphynx Cat

3D Animal Anatomy Sculpting Project

The Sphynx Cat is a project to work on realistic animal anatomy. The goal was to find a strong pose with a realistic emotional facial expression. The Sphynx Cat does not develop the typical cat fur. That makes it easier to discern the anatomy and read muscle structures. I tried to emulate an aggresive facial expression.

I followed a typical workflow. First part is to block in the major shape based on realistic fotographs. These will be defined and reworked quite a bit until the bones, muscles and skin are well established. Later I did the retopology and created an animatable mesh so the cat can be rigged. After retopo I reprojected the ZBrush model and spend more time on the high frequency details. All the skin folds and skin textures are being added. Finally, I posed the model and reworked the pose to the final appearance.

Modelling in ZBrush, Retopology in 3D Coat, Rendered in Keyshot


Digital Sculpting | Retopology | Rendering