Games Character Textured High Res Model Version

With this render I finished the first texturing phase of the high res model. The goal here is to block in the main colors. It was an interesting task finding the right color balance. Although the clothing is made of leather I tied to find other shades then the usually applied brown or black. That’s why I went with dark plum shades for the main areas of his clothing. As contrast, I choose a green based grey for his pants and belt. I colored the linen underskirt in light colors to adds some nice contrast as well.

I put some work in finding the right shades for skin, especially around his eyes and hands. It was also some tweaking necessary to present the chain mail underneath in a convincing way.

In the next phase I am about to complete his primary weapon. Because of his size and silhouette I wanted to give him a large two handed weapon. I found a Scottish claymore most suitable. I will present the sword after posing the model in ZBrush and rendering the final scene.