Yeti Creature Concept Design

The Yeti Creature Concept design is my variation of the commonly known basic Yeti species concept. This creature was created during my creature design class at CG Society Workshops taught by Brian Wynia.

I tried to come up with the idea of a slender more intelligent creature capable to adjust to harsh environmental constrains. Although its habitat might be situated in cold places or high elevation, it should be able to adapt and prevail as a dangerous predator.

The sculpt is made in ZBrush. The final image and photographic background was composited in Photoshop.

Yeti Creature 3 sides view

Included 3 renders from different angles showing the original sculpt with polypaint on. You can read the shapes, primary and secondary forms and details in this series of images.

[image action=”none” image_action_link=”#” target=”_self” align=”aligncenter” image_size_alias=”” image_alt=”Yeti Creature 3 sides view” link_title=”Yeti Creature 3 sides view” margin_top=”” margin_right=”” margin_bottom=”” margin_left=”” sc_id=”sc1378483683013″][/image]