Dolls for Toyfight

Making Sculptures for Webdesign

I had the opportunity of working with a great team of creative directors on an exciting project. To me using 3D digital sculpting for Webdesign and Webcontent creation is a novelty and an innovative creative idea at the same time.

Under the art direction of Jon and Leigh we created images that will help distinguish Based on references images and personal fotographs and under the direction of Jon and Leigh during live Online-meetings, I build the 3D models fitting to the scene description.

The models were later posed and rendered in Cycles for Blender. They all use a bright lighting setup and plastic toy-like material fitting to the Website name.

Aside from the main toy dolls I created severeal props and complementary model to help make the Site pop. The image came out fun and colorfull. I really like the end result. Check the Website here:


Digital Sculpting | Lighting & Shading | Rendering