Leviathan Wakes – Andomeda Mao


When reading the novel “Leviathan Wakes”,  I was intrigued by the main characer. Based on the descriptions of the book I wanted to recreate the emotions conveyed to the reader within an image or illustration. I wanted to depict the darkness and inevitability of the charaters situation. I always imagined Andromeda Mao as a stong unique character, a spiritual being – sinister but beautiful.

With the release of ZBrush 4R7 it became possible to create abstract forms and strange patterns using the nano mesh feater. I created the fan like creature structure experimenting with these features. Later I imported the mesh into modo. Using the array tool and bend tools I was able to create the structure that confined her body into the spaceship like environment.

Back in ZBrush I used the ZBrush to Keyshot Bridge to render the image. Final comp within Photoshop completed the illustration.


Concept Art |Digital Sculpting | Lighting & Rendering