The Fencer

Web GL Project for Webdesign

The Fencer is a ZBrush based character model. The project placed the model as the center piece of a Creative Studio Website. The whole idea is based around Web GL technology. When starting out I had the rendering capabilities of Marmoset Toolbag 3 in mind. The software comes with an exporter based on Web GL. Although it is not fully capable of rendering the same level of quality within the Web browser, it is still possible to render stunning imagery. The Fencer has been textured using low poly versions of the model. The 3D mesh was then imported into Substance Painter for 3D painting. The exported baked files then helped to create the entire scene. Lighting was done in Mamoset Toolbag 3 as well as post production and camera effects. Final touch up in Photoshop.


Design | Digital Sculpting | Retopology | Texturing & Baking | Lighting & Rendering