I have MeshFusion, which is a Modo Plugin slumbering on my hard disk for a while now. This weekend I thought I give it a shot an learn how to use it. The reason behind this is simple. This tool allows to create smooth hard surfaces very quickly. I plan on doing more hard surface stuff for a lot of reasons. I have a couple of ideas in mind where I desperately want to start on using Substance Painter for Game Res Models. For these ideas I will need to create smooth hard surfaces quickly and Mesh Fusion seems to offer that capability.

The scene you see in the image is actually only one structural item and the sentinel. I build both meshes and baked the geometry for the rendering in Octane. From the 2 parent objects I applied radial array operations and created several instanced objects. Then I simply used the sun and sky lighting system from octane with some metal materials. The render is post-processed in Octane Render as well.

This was a fun project to do. I will definitely use it more often.