Vicky – Victorian Angel

Miniature Model for 3D Print

Vicky ist a 3D printable model at 54mm scale. When I designed the model I was inspired by the Steampunk world set in a victorian atmosphere. Vicky was the first of my Victorian Girls. I wanted to devote a whol series of designs to the this appealing art style. Vicky was modeled in ZBrush. This project shows 2 different render engines. The reason I rendered her in Keyshot was my appearance as a speaker of this years Keyshot World exhibition.

I wanted to demonstrate good practises when rendering translucent materails with SSS attributes. Keyshot offers features to enhace Ambient Occlusion and Curvature Based masking at rendertime which allows for subtle color variation in the translucent areas.

The first time I used Octane Render because of its great and realistiv looking lights. Enjoy the project.



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